White Supremist Fascination with The Camp of the Saints

Nothing exposes our racism and bigotry better than the history of a seedy racist diatribe by obscure French writer Jean Raspail....
Jerry Lawson
7 min read

We Believe the Slaughter of Innocents Is Just

We believe the slaughter of innocents is just. We watch as people is stripped of their human rights and dignity, subjected...
Jerry Lawson
6 min read

The Value of Trees and Combating Global Warming

The planet is burning, flooding, melting, and cooking. To save it and humanity our thinking and behaviors must change. We must...
Jerry Lawson
7 min read

Globalism is Uttering Universalism. What is Next?

One Fundamental fact for the Modern Populace under the Notion of an Interconnected Planet Globalism is an evolving nomenclature in our...
Adam Tabriz, MD
4 min read

Give and Take of “History Repeats Itself”

The Human Predisposition to self-inflict the Recurrent Communal Guiding principles thru the Notion of the Collective Conscience History is the story...
Adam Tabriz, MD
2 min read

Zombienomics 2.0: Crypto-Monetarist Austrian Economics Edition

“Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist....
Lester Golden
12 min read

What Do Lessons from the Industrial Revolution Have to Tell Us Today?

A historical reversal of direction underway? The nineteenth-century influenced the social-political and economic development of human life on earth in vibrant...
Susan Mackenzie Andersen
5 min read

Understanding My White Father in 8 Minutes

Because he loves minute-answers to complicated questions (not). “I’m not good in the morning,” my father says, raising his voice. I...
Lidi Sereno
11 min read

Lewis Mumford, A Thinker for the Ages Tells a Tale Of Cities Since the Middle Ages

The Medieval Religiously Centered City My Dad often spoke about his admiration for Lewis Mumford (October 19, 1895 — January 26,...
Susan Mackenzie Andersen
6 min read