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How to get the latest commodity pricing in Google Sheet

Google sheet has easy macros to get price of US stocks and currency, but not for gold or silver. Here’s easy & free trick...
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Economy Going Down? How Startups Can Thrive In A Bear Market

The earlier a startup is, the more buffered it’s from the ups and downs of public markets. But buffered doesn’t mean insulated. At Tau...
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Recommendation Engines: Making Better Choices

One of the most telling traits of the companies of the new digital era is the ability to deliver actionable recommendations. More often than...
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Why We Invested in Resilient Lifescience — Preventing Opioid Overdose

Excited to announce our investment in Resilient Lifescience, which is taking on the opioid epidemic by developing a wearable system to detect and automatically...
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Who should lead the digital agenda?

Time is ticking away. The digital pace is accelerating and many organizations are behind schedule with their digital agenda. Their plan includes actions ranging from...
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Will The Metaverse’s Investment Hype Die Out?

The metaverse continues to trend in 2022. On the back of a long-term lockdown and Covid-19’s push for global digital transformation, the metaverse has...
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So, What Business Are You Really In?

What is McDonald’s business? Some might say, the fast food business, or more broadly, the restaurant business. But what many people don’t realize is...
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12 NFT Projects Changing the NFT Space in 2022

Take a detailed look at twelve investment-worthy NFT projects in 2022. Here, I’ve embedded every project’s important information to help make investment decisions. Thousands of...
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History and Modernity of Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading has a pretty interesting history. It may be common today, but the industry had to conquer many obstacles to become sophisticated and...

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5 Must-Read Blockchain Trends and News

The world is constantly evolving and advancing, with respect to information and technology. Our economies are undergoing a world of changes and metamorphosing into digitalized,