Live Streaming

Live Streaming Inspires Human Moments

Wondering what live streaming is all about, Jennifer Quinn researched the topic and got hooked. Also known as JennyQ, in a short time she jumped from novice to maven. Quinn has made herself the leading...
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Amazon spreading its wings far & wide

Who would have thought a company which started off as an online book store back in 1994 would not only go on to redefine online retail, but become a trillion dollar tech giant which...
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Tech Diaries: How would you feel being interviewed for a Job by a Robot?

Let's start off with a little recap of the main theme of the last edition of Tech Diaries - the Deepfakes. The AI generated media created to deceive people has become a worrisome issue...
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The Age of Transcendence

Hollywood movies have always been good at providing a glimpse into the future - be it space travel, advanced scientific discoveries or futuristic technologies shaping our society as a whole. One such movie is...
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Tech Diaries: What is all the fuss about Deepfakes?

The main story of this edition of the Tech Diaries is the Deepfakes issue that has gotten the U.S Congress freaking out. It represents the class of synthetic media generated by AI and represents...
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Digital Transformation is About Better Decisions

In this fast-paced digital world, connecting with, knowing and understanding your audience is invaluable to business decision making. That’s the message from digital engagement studio Socly. It’s driven by tech entrepreneur and digital enthusiast Sizwe...
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Will the Big Banks be able to hold up against the Fintech challenge?

The legacy financial services are trying desperately to gain a competitive edge over the innovative Fintechs. Despite having all the traditional advantages - network infrastructure, solid balance sheets, regulatory approvals, physical footprint & established...