Google, Facebook and Twitter Are Collecting Your Data They Don’t Want You to Know About

It’s a known fact that social media sites and search engines are collecting your information. However, there are many other places...
Yattish Ramhorry
6 min read

AI Regulation: A European Approach to the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Renowned technology strategist Clara Durodié discusses the European Union’s proposed new ethics regulations on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The ethics of...
Dara Tarkowski
4 min read

Ethical considerations of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

This ethical framework is intended to be a guide to help facilitate the ethical implementation of AI in the workplace. “I...
Yattish Ramhorry
5 min read

What would it take for a robot to lie when asked by a human?

Big lies, little lies and lies of omission play an essential role in society. Without occasionally concealing our true opinions about...
Norbert Biedrzycki
4 min read

Ethical Robots Are a Naive Illusion for Programmers?

Ethics programmed into robots may not solve the problems we face at work, in healthcare, or in wartime. The relations between rhetoric...
Patricia Farrell
5 min read