Targeting the Imbalanced Immune Response in COVID-19

Too much histamine or prostaglandin D2 signaling or too little interferon signaling lead to increased risk for severe COVID-19. An imbalanced...
blank Nancy Gough
8 min read 434

Why We Invested In Totient aka How AI Can Help Us Produce Drugs Against Cancer And Covid

On Sep 10, Totient, an AI-driven drug discovery company, emerged from stealth with the announcement of a key partnership with Ginkgo...
blank Amit Garg
2 min read 416

Pfizer and Valneva Join Forces on Lyme Disease Vaccine

Lyme disease vaccine induces antibodies in Phase II clinical trial. SHORT SUMMARY: The engineered protein vaccine VLA15 induces multiple antibodies in a...
blank Nancy Gough
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Coronavirus and the forecast of change

Thousands of people are dying, and millions of people have lost jobs. However, there are reasons to believe that the COVID19...
blank Andy Singleton
7 min read 188

The Future of COVID Testing

Pitfalls and opportunities We are all appalled by the feeble US response to the need for COVID testing. This failure was...
blank Drew Smith
4 min read