Coronavirus and the forecast of change

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Thousands of people are dying, and millions of people have lost jobs. However, there are reasons to believe that the COVID19 epidemic will fade away over the next six months. There are many tactics to control its spread and manage its effects, and these tactics will add up. I like to write about innovation, which is real technical and economic change. This article is about the perception of change. It is about how we imagine change in the next year. Many public health experts and commentators believe that the COVID19 coronavirus will cause long-lasting problems or multiple waves of infection…....

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Andy Singleton Andy is a software architect, CEO/CTO, and student of innovation. He is currently working on HumanDB, a new architecture for delivering automated medical advice, and Unbundled Fund, a better investment structure for digital private markets. He is the founder of Assembla, a SaaS collaboration company, PowerSteering Software, an enterprise SaaS company, Creation Mechanics, an evolutionary algorithms company, and employee #2 at SNL Financial. He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard.