Blockchain Regulation: a Q&A with RiskSave Compliance

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A Q&A with Simon Cullen, founder of RiskSave Compliance and tech entrepreneur The need for greater investment in technology has become more important than ever in financial services. But when it comes to digital platforms and blockchain technology, industry incumbents often struggle to keep up. Last week, I briefly caught up with RiskSave’s Simon Cullen. With RiskSave having just launched its Blockchain Regulatory Innovation Centre (BRIC), we discussed the importance of FinTech, blockchain regulation and the purpose of innovation centers such as BRIC and Level 39, as well as his own experience in the finance industry, from his time as a bond trader…...

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Shashank Pattekar Financial markets professional turned FinTech enthusiast, Shashank has a passion for exploring the possibilities of disruption in this new, tech-informed era of finance. After several years working in London's financial services sector, including stints with investment banks Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, he opted in 2013 to switch to a more location-independent career. In the process, he developed a keen interest in writing about contemporary subjects including FinTech and blockchain, alongside more traditional topics related to finance, economics and current affairs. Shashank has also been an advisor to a new London FinTech firm, and has worked on a number of global blockchain projects, mainly in financial, marketing and advisory capacities. Shashank can be reached at [email protected]