Cyber security & Data privacy have emerged as one of the biggest concerns for the billions of internet users across the globe and while the social media & other online platforms have a moral and legal responsibility of protecting user data, there are certain steps that we can take on our own to minimize our digital foot print on the web. This has become even more important with the increased frequency of the data breaches & hacker attacks in recent weeks and months.

These are some common points to remember when browsing online:

  • Use strong passwords – combination of letters, digits & special characters
  • Change passwords often – every few months is advised
  • Avoid using open networks (hotspots etc.) especially to access sensitive information
  • Don’t give out personal information to unknown websites
  • Cleaning your browsing history on public and/or workplace computers
  • Installing a good anti-virus software & keeping it up to date to protect your computer
  • Shopping online on websites that use secure technology to protect your data
  • Keep your personal Wi-Fi networks password protected
  • If possible use a VPN (Virtual Private network) to access the internet privately & securely

And finally here’s a very useful Infographic to teach you how to stay invisible online without going off the grid on your desktop & mobile platforms.

Internet Hacks: How to Stay Invisible Online - infographic

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Faisal Khan
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