Thank You Tether, You’ve Made Us All Much More Cautious

1 min read

Oh, Tether. It amazes me how projects or should I say, scams rather, as big as Tether manage to stay afloat so long, regardless of the mounting questionable rumors circulating about them. It also amazes me how the people behind such large projects seem to think opacity and lies are better than transparency and honesty. With a few hundred million Tether being taken out of circulation every week or so, more and more legitimate and audited stable coins are coming to fruition.  If you aren’t aware, Tether is a stablecoin who’s value is supposed to be pegged to the US…...

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Perri Corsello I am a college graduate with degrees in both neuroscience and psychology. Early in my life, I had a powerful spiritual experience and ever since was infatuated with discovering how those sensations, feelings, and thoughts occurred, beginning my journey into the world of neuroscience. I now work at a lab that studies neurological disorders. I only recently became interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and the entire ethos behind it fascinates me. Therefore, I decided to utilize my writing and research skills gained in college and apply them to writing articles pertaining to these topics. I also still enjoy writing about neuroscience. Some of my hobbies include dirt biking, skiing and producing electronic music.