Cryptocurrencies: The UK looks at preliminary steps towards regulation

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Here in the UK, and globally, the emergence of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have created opportunities and risks. A growing social concern is that there exists a gap in the current financial markets legislation regarding new asset classes, and that this has left some consumer vulnerable to exploitation, which has in turn caused regulatory issues. Regulators have a mandate for consumer protection, but potentially require appropriate legislation to bring these new activities within their domain. Consequently, regulators are looking for political guidance on how to proceed when faced with the emergence of the nascent ‘crypto-asset management’ industry. And many…...

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Daniel Tammas-Hastings Daniel is managing director and founder of outsourced compliance and regulatory hosting firm RiskSave. After a successful career as a fixed income trader specialising in GBP derivatives at Merrill Lynch and as a hedge fund manager, managing multi-billion £ portfolios across credit and rates, he is now a thought-leader in risk management and is in charge of strategy and investment at RiskSave. Dan has been awarded both the CFA and FRM charters and is a graduate of the London School of Economics and the University of Cambridge.