What’s in a name? Apples, oranges, and the quest for better sustainability data

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Consistent, specific and precise data is the key to understanding how a company is performing. This is not as easy as it should be when one looks at sustainability, and is currently one of the principal hurdles in the greater uptake of ESG investing. Simply put, if people don’t know how to compare different companies’ environmental performance then there is always the risk that people will be comparing apples with oranges. With a plethora of standards and labels developing at present, this risks creating confusion as we all try to keep up with different developments creating different data reporting requirements…....

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Tim Fright Tim Fright is the Founding Director of Plenitude. Tim and his colleagues use Hedge Fund-style analytics and Big Data to create an Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) investing framework that can offer responsible investment opportunities with superior risk-adjusted returns. Tim is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and King’s College, London and has more than ten years’ experience in technology and government. He is a communications adviser to, and investor in, several tech start-ups, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and was part of a 2008 Antarctic expedition which undertook environmental research analysing the effects of climate change on the Beardmore Glacier. @plenitude.io