Millennials were once considered the poster children for entrepreneurship, but we are now faced with a new generation of bright young thinkers – Gen Z. The post-millennial generation known as Gen Z already includes 61 million Americans and as the oldest of them begin graduating college, their ambitions truly begin to show.

Among high schoolers and middle schoolers today, 41% say they plan on starting their own business – 45% say they will invent something that will change the world. Though these are lofty goals from such young individuals, it isn’t necessarily all talk; Gen Z is already showing itself to be incredibly capable and forward thinking. Picking up the entrepreneurial energy of millennials, Gen Z’s goals are matched only by their optimism and drive to succeed. By age 10, 21% of Gen Zers already have a savings account and when asked about their college plans, 24% say they plan on using their own savings to pay their way through.

Growing up during both the Great Recession and student loan crisis, Gen Zers learned valuable financial lessons early on; and it’s these lessons that guide their plans for the future. Take a look at this infographic for more on the innovative minds of Gen Z and how they plan on carving out a living on their own terms that’s reliable, lucrative, and entirely their own.

Gen Z Entrepreneurship


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