Today, it’s tough for young people to get started in life. Long gone are the days of marching up to the boss’s office, pounding a fist on the desk, and demanding a job – now even a college degree doesn’t guarantee you that, and it might destroy your finances in the process. So how is the younger generation building their own success when even university isn’t a reliable option?

As boomers enter retirement and millennials move up the ladder of leadership, American businesses are ready to welcome in their newest Gen Z employees. And this new generation marches to the beat of their own drum. Challenging even the most traditional milestones of growing up, many of these young adults have chosen another path to education, leading to a halt and decline in college enrollment. Instead, Gen Z looks at financial independence as the first marker of adulthood, with many of them seeing college as an obstacle, rather than a benefit.

The very face of the classic American Dream is changing, as young people choose not to conform to older generations’ unattainable standards and expectations. Take a look at this infographic for more on what success without college means for higher education, job outlooks, and how it will influence a new generation of professionals.

College Degree


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