Another major city goes Crypto – Vienna token coming soon

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With the mainstream Cryptos far from adoption in the financial ecosystem, other forms of digital assets like the cross-border payment coins, reward tokens & securitized digital assets continue to make their mark. The digital transformation taking place right now of which DLT is such an integral part, is making its presence felt with the innovation taking place at public, private & government levels. In December, I wrote about how the Canadian city of Calgary had introduced the digital equivalent of their localized ‘Calgary Dollar.’ This time we have another major city, Vienna, coming in the foray with a reward token…...

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Faisal Khan Faisal is based in Canada with a background in Finance/Economics & Computers. He has been actively trading FOREX for the past 11 years. Faisal is also an active Stocks trader with a passion for everything Crypto. His enthusiasm & interest in learning new technologies has turned him into an avid Crypto/Blockchain & Fintech enthusiast. Currently working for a Mobile platform called Tradelike as the Senior Technical Analyst. His interest for writing has stayed with him all his life ever since started the first Internet magazine of Pakistan in 1998. He blogs regularly on Financial markets, trading strategies & Cryptocurrencies. Loves to travel.