4 Books that Challenge Your View on Artificial Intelligence and Society

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Deep learning, robots thinking like humans, artificial intelligence, neural networks- these technologies have sparked the interest of many great minds today. With the rapid advancement of the technology more possibilities and threats are uncovered and forming one of the most exciting discussions of our century.


This book is the most comprehensive and modern guide to both theory and practice in AI targeted towards people wanting to develop a deep understanding. The authors Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig are both well-known experts in the field: Russel is a computer science professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and has published over 100 papers on AI. Dr. Peter Norvig is the director of Google Research and has co-created a very successful and comprehensive free online course at Stanford University on various subtopics of AI.

The third edition of this book is fresh with updates and augments on key points. At the total of 1,145 pages this book really tells you all there is to know about AI.

Jerry Kaplan, the widely known serial entrepreneur and innovator, has written this great basic introduction to the world of AI. Significantly lower in volume at 170 pages, and specifically targetted to a non-technical audience, it explores what AI is and how we will interact with it. The first part of the book describes what AI can, and cannot do, how it works and why it is trending now. The second part of the book includes Kaplan’s personal view on ethics and society with respect to this revolutionary technology.

The New York Times bestseller book Life 3.0 paints an exciting view not just for AI professionals and techies, but for everyone who is up for joining the discussion of our century. Max Tegmark, the renowned MIT professor, talks about each aspect of how AI is going to affect our world, leaving us with many open-ended questions to be brainstormed. The gentle introduction to the world of AI explores widely the threats and possibilities from justice, jobs, society and our very sense of being human.

Another bestseller, The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross, is covering not only AI but all the changes brought on by modern technologies in our age: cyberwars, AI, robotics, big data and more. Alec Ross, one of the leading experts on innovation has traveled far and wide in our world to see what the future holds. The book is well-written and researched, and provides a view on how the next economy will work and how this will affect society.


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