Digital Identity for Noobs

3 min read

How SMART people are creating identity value in an augmented reality. I recently turned 40 years old.  As a biologically born female, significant changes occur hormonally, but besides that milestone, my psychological and spiritual growth is now developing exponentially. Identity is a social science and the core of personal conception and self-expression.  My interest in this subject revolves around unlocking individual potential, but when ego is capitalized purely for self-interest, I acknowledge how this force can become the catalyst for immense tragedy throughout the history of humanity. If I am being honest, I’m dead set bored and exasperated by the…...

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Rachel Jim An intellectually ambidextrous intrapreneur creating value by stitching the Internet of Things together with One Billion Founders. In a nutshell, Rachel is a reverse growth hacker by identifying problems or process causing pain to customers, and helps ventures become better versions of themselves by offering services from startups or individuals who can provide a solution. She considers herself to be a human API as she has a natural affinity for the power of the collective, and an aptitude for forming mutual benefit exchanges by connecting people, networks and platforms for the purpose of social and environmental benefit.