Is it Worth Pursuing a Career in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

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Transitioning into data science or an artificial intelligence career is a hard nut to crack. And it is not because of what you hear people talking rumors about how you need to learn mathematics, be great with statistics or you must be a coder. You need to learn all that, but even more one needs to first battle with these myths.

Now you must be wondering how people have transitioned into data scientists or an AI professional well. All these professionals must be extreme geniuses. Well, I’m sorry to say, but you’ve got it all wrong. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, a professional or a leader in the IT industry, it is crucial for someone to first understand data science and how it functions.

Artificial intelligence and data science market is growing exponentially across industries. Several industries and organizations are looking forward to hiring talents in this sector.

IBM predicts that within a span of 2 years 91% of data was generated. A 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day and an approximate range of 400 hours of video content gets uploaded in YouTube daily. The internet and cell phones have revolutionized the way internet is being utilized daily.

It is estimated that around 4 billion people globally are consuming the internet and generating tons of data.

Unless data is being utilized and turned into actionable outcome, it is useless.

Data is everywhere. Organizations, government, brands, and corporates are now looking to find new ways to make use of these data for better functioning and profitable business predictions. Data science careers are promising; however, companies are still struggling to find the right talent.

The banking sector showed the highest number for the analytics job market, followed by utilities & energy and e-commerce. It is also estimated that there is an increase of around 76% of analytics job every month since it was last calculated between April 2017 to April 2018. And increased around 56% from April 2015 to April 2016.

Data science careers are still touted as one of the best careers in the IT market. It is no doubt that the AI and data science market have tremendous growth. It is indeed an exciting phase to transition.

It will be a good career prospect for a data scientist and an AI professional.

We’re already dependent on artificial intelligence, maybe we just do not realize it. From travel tickets to the detection of fraud payments and navigating automobiles, AI has already entered our lives. Artificial intelligence has a concept that is intriguing, it has fascinated a lot of expert professionals in the world. AI is now leading the world in a manner where things are already transforming. If we discuss the factors of how AI has changed the world, there are end number of examples to quote. However, artificial intelligence is considered a boon to humanity given the fact that it has eliminated many tedious tasks that the normal human takes days and hours together to complete.

The best thing about AI is that there are many technologies used and they’re all error free. It is quite evident that the human might cause an error but with AI it is not the case, thus, removing all scope for human error.

It is what the technology portrays. Therefore, it is high time that we need to admit to the fact that data science professionals and AI professionals will stay in-demand until the foreseeable future.

Rest assured the future for expert professionals in data science and artificial intelligence will spike in the years to come.

Michael Lyam Writer, Guest Blogger, Social Media Strategist

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