The Rise Of Digital Asset Custody Solutions

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The shift to a tokenized economy begins with digital assets. The blockchain provides the ledger to record their ownership and cryptographically secure it from tampering. It is sophisticated to use at the moment, and not as easy to understand. There are still many people who don’t have an understanding of cryptocurrency and even what the blockchain can do. They are just beginning to become aware of their benefits. Plenty of hand-holding is required to get more on board to put their trust in a new financial system. According to research by the Bank of New York Mellon: “There is an increasing…...

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vincenttabora I am a network engineer and technology writer, with a deep focus in blockchain and machine learning technology. I have extensive experience in the IT industry developing and implementing solutions in various industries. I eventually became more interested in blockchain due to the rise in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. I realized that it was not about speculating on price value, it is a disruption in the finance industry. At the moment I like to educate about the significance of cryptocurrency, which I feel has great potential to drive innovation not just in financial systems, but even in settlements and trust.