Hacking Disease and Death

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To address urgent global challenges over the next fifteen years, the United Nations began implementing a transformative plan of action by releasing its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This plan is based on 17 specific sustainable development agendas with good health and well-being as one of these goals. To support this endeavor, Statistics Canada has released an invaluable historical dataset on deaths and causes of death across Canadian provinces for males and females of different ages. This dataset is very rich and can support the reporting on global goals for sustainable development. However, the data comes in long and un-tidied excel sheets that…...

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Noushin Nabavi Noushin is a cell biologist and a data enthusiast. She earned a PhD in Systems Biology from the University of Toronto and has worked on several projects related to human health and disease since graduation. She writes articles at the intersection of education, technology, and science.