Ronaldo Versus Ai-Robots Or Will Data Brokers Make Them One?

11 min read

It is safe to say that not in one hundred years will robots outperform future Ronaldos on the football fields. Not even with all the super-state-of-the-art AI integrated in those future robots. But does that mean AI can’t help next-generation football players increase their genius and perfection even further? FC Barcelona’s ‘Innovation Hub’ is seriously betting on AI. “A Great Sports Laboratory for the Future of Sports”, they brand themselves on their website. There are more top athletes at the Hub than anywhere else – 2500 of them, from different top sports sectors and in ages between 8 and 30…....

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Carl Rohde Prof. Dr. Carl Rohde writes for DDI on the New Tech Forces and their cultural-sociological impact and meaning for contemporary and future culture and society. During the last ten years Rohde occupied professorate chairs in ‘Future Forecasting & Innovation’ in Shanghai, Barcelona and the Netherlands. Rohde also leads a virtual network of trend spotters and market researchers worldwide.