Emily Daniel I am a technical blogger and a developer who writes as an influencer for the programmers' community to motivate my fellows regarding their technology field and help them in choosing ways that lead to excellence.

Triad for Developers to Increase Productivity

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In this world where we are bombarded with a lot of workloads, everyone is looking for new ways to increase productivity in a particular time period. There is a lack of the ability to focus on a particular task for a significant period of time systematically. To meet that gap, it is necessary to squeeze the focus areas to the ones which are prior to the others.

The workspace matters a lot. The state of mind shifts with the workspace environment accordingly. Even if the workspace is not inspiring, push yourself up for work by putting an extra effort into it. Another great thing is, you don’t have to always work from your workspace, it is sometimes ‘work from home’ situation which neither means less productivity nor it allows less effort in work. In that situation, it is even more challenging to keep the focus on the work without distracting yourself in the events happening around you.

Well, this is in all cases tricky to attentively work and increase productivity to a higher level. Different tricks work for people with different mindsets. But, there is a superset of tricks which gives guaranteed results if followed consistently. By following these tricks, one can keep himself centered on the target.

#1: Slow Down and Sleep Better

It is a common mistake that every developer does while giving a start to a project. Late-night coding and brainstorming is good, but not by sacrificing the sleeping hours.

It is thought that sleeping less and working for a bunch of extra hours is a sign of determination and hard work. Well, it is true but to some extent, it isn’t. Without proper sleep and rest, how can one put exceptional effort into the work? No matter how many hours you spend on a project, remarkable results are waiting for the energetic working hours instead of the whole day of lazy work.


Another habit of some of the developers is to, give a kick start to the project without proper roadmap and planning. They just start working by spending days and nights to complete the project at a higher pace. This is not correct. There are two disadvantages associated with it; first is, unplanned project development leads to an incomplete project which means that the work is not been done keeping in mind the rule of abstraction i.e. viewing project use-cases with all possible perspectives. Secondly, without a proper night of sleep, the outcome of the project will not be what it is expected to be.

The first step for developers towards massive productivity and incredible results is proper sleep. For this, first developers need to slow down and start working with proper planning the invest hard work.

#2: Limit Your Distractions

For better productivity levels, developers must limit roaming over the social media and unrelated websites. It is totally fine to watch YOUTUBE videos related to work, but sometimes the internet takes you over which is action, wastes your valuable time in strolling on unrelated sites. You get to know about time when time is over and you have to cover the bunch of work in a limited amount of time.

This is the mistake done by most of the programmers. They used to work on the end time, which in most cases is risky to manage. To cope with this issue, it is necessary to work with strict deadlines and manage time and workload accordingly. This is possible only if a programmer knows the skill of limit the source of distractions near him. This is fruitful in bringing the productivity of work to a higher level.

#3: Keep It Organized – Make a To-Do List

At some times, developers have to do a number of tasks in a particular time period. It is hard to manage it if a proper list is not maintained and time is not tracked. Instead of overwhelming yourself with tasks, smartly manage your working hours and efforts. Sometimes, while learning a new technology it takes a huge amount of time which disturbs the project delivery deadline. The solution is to continuously work on updating the technical skills a programmer should have in the field of development. For this, make a to-do list that explicitly and precisely mentions the pending tasks. The following are a few points that can help you while making a to-do list.

  • Make a small to-do list and prioritize your tasks, the tasks which are most important or have a strict deadline, mark them first in your list.
  • Do not spend too much time in making the lists, since it should be small so just wind it up and start working.
  • After completing one to-do list and you are left with the time, make another to-do list even if it is not necessary, learn about serious software security measures, third-party services, and similar sections to increase knowledge. For this, an extra to-do list should be maintained and updated on a regular basis.
  • Do not forget to make a done list at the end of the day. Make sure that you do not mention the tasks which were interrupted in between and left incomplete. For those, make a separate list of incomplete or pending tasks and spend separate time in resolving issues.

These key points can help you drive with your project in a determined way. This needs consistency and hard work, on the other side, it is a definite way to increase productivity as a programmer.

To conclude, a programmer should follow the aforementioned triad to boost up the productivity level being passionate in less amount of time. It is all about managing time and attention at the same time. A strategy should be a part of work which is followed throughout the project to ensure the remarkable and extensive amount of work.

Emily Daniel I am a technical blogger and a developer who writes as an influencer for the programmers' community to motivate my fellows regarding their technology field and help them in choosing ways that lead to excellence.

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