Breaking Through the Mist of Ponzi to Find the Dawn of Value, Part 2

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Ponzi Schemes

Reducing Outflows: The Carrot-and-Stick Retention Model The concept of user retention is not unique to Ponzi schemes. Traditional economies have also witnessed a gradual evolution of retention models. Initially, there were no rules. Then we had some incentives and punishments. For example, regular customers can receive discounts, while premature withdrawal from fixed deposits will lead to the loss of all interests. Additionally, we have some compulsory policies, such as a longer lock-up period for funds redemption.  For traditional economies, poor user retention is like chronic poison, which can gradually corrode their achievements until the end; for a Ponzi scheme, the…...

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Robin Gu Robin graduated from Fudan University, majoring in Mathematics. Prior to joining X-Order as a Researcher, he has over 10 years of financial modeling experience (both the theoretical and execution aspect) at Big 4 and private equity funds. He joined the blockchain industry in 2017 and is currently focusing on using complexity economics to discover exponential growth opportunities.