The Blockchain Industry is in a Tight Spot, How to Break Out of the Current Situation?

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In Part 1, we discuss the reasons for the perplexity, industries that disappeared in history, and difficulties in investing in an emerging industry.  BTC has risen steadily from $3k USD at the beginning of the year to more than $10k USD, and in October 2019, it dropped slightly to $8k USD. When I was chatting with friends from other industries, they all feel that the cryptocurrency industry’s returns this year is not bad. It is indeed the case if you look at BTC alone. However, it’s strange that the sentiments of the cryptocurrency industry became even worse, which is something…...

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Robin Gu Robin graduated from Fudan University, majoring in Mathematics. Prior to joining X-Order as a Researcher, he has over 10 years of financial modeling experience (both the theoretical and execution aspect) at Big 4 and private equity funds. He joined the blockchain industry in 2017 and is currently focusing on using complexity economics to discover exponential growth opportunities.