Can AI be fooled?

2 min read

The prospect of computers being able to view the world as humans has been a subject of increasing interest in the past few decades. Through years of research, we have come to understand the complexity of the human visual system and how impressive it would be to replicate these processes in a machine. To replicate how humans “see” the world, computers would have to decipher multi-dimensional data and recognise patterns within the data. No easy feat of course. A deep neural network (DNN) is a feedforward type of network that is used to model various complex non-linear relationships. In terms…...

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Luka Beverin As a current Masters in Statistics student, Luka is eager to simplify complex topics and provide big-data solutions to real-world problems. He also has an educational background in actuarial and financial engineering. In his spare time, Luka enjoys traveling, writing on machine learning topics and taking part in data science competitions.