The majority of business analytics and AI projects are still failing

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How new technologies cannot avoid the same old problems. Data is the new gold (or new oil – you pick). Data-driven companies rule the world. Data science is a game-changer. AI is shaping the future. There is no shortage of catchy slogans. Data analytics is sexy. Data lakes are the new hype. Data science is the new science. We hear a lot about leading companies increasing the pace of their Big Data and AI investments. Now let’s put all the hype aside for the moment and look at the reality. With enormous investments in the last few years, how are these…...

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Yulia Kosarenko Yulia Kosarenko is a consultant, author, and mentor. She writes about business analyst mindset, architecture, change, modeling, communication, and corporate culture. She has published the book “Business analyst: a profession and a mindset” and works with Humber College in Toronto on the development of a new Business Analytics program. You can always find her at