How To Terrify E-Jerks

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Don’t bother calling them knuckle-dragging chimps. You’re more likely to offend chimps. “The daughters of God don’t break for jerks.” – Marianne Williamson It occurs to me that single women worry more about e-jerks than lousy sex these days. You can walk away from lousy sex, e-jerks and daimers ain’t so easy. They’re ghosts for the most part, enjoying online anonymity with no consequences and apparently few moral or ethical concerns. The term “ghosting” is a common practice among both sexes, but e-jerks do it more than most. “No one knows who they are,” one man explained on Reddit. “Maybe…...

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Robert Cormack Robert Cormack spent 40 years in the advertising industry, writing short stories and articles on the side to prevent shooting himself. His stories have appeared 25 times in Rosebud Magazine along with other literary journals and one anthology (again, not a shot was fired). In 2014, his first novel, “You Can Lead A Horse to Water (But You Can’t Make It Scuba Dive” was published by Skyhorse Press. His work has also appeared in major newspapers and magazines, usually when editors were desperate. The term “For God’s sake, run with Cormack’s stuff then,” has been shouted down the halls of many newspapers, usually with the legal department being informed that it could be a busy week.