Unemployment & Suicides: The Next Wave Of Crisis

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This wave of economic suicide will perhaps surpass the lives taken by the deadly virus itself. The economic hardships caused during Covid-19 have surpassed those of the 1930s Great Depression and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. We have new statistics on the rate of unemployment and suicides every day and it’s often hard to keep up. Due to economic uncertainty, people can barely sustain themselves and keep their heads above the water. But you already know that. What you don’t know is, starvation and poverty alongside depression and anxiety is the perfect storm. The forced social isolation and economic downturn…...

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shivangi agrawal I currently work as a strategy consultant. I have a background in Investment Banking and Finance. I'm passionate about Behavioral Economics and Entrepreneurship. I believe human insights combined with data can drive investment and business decisions at scale. I want to contribute in making people aware of their own biases and help them make better decisions everyday.