How to Trade For a Living

10 min read

Amol’s 10 Commandments of Trader Discipline Whether you’ve just begun your journey as a trader, or you’re already on the path of making this a career, one thing is sure: You need principles. Every successful trader has guidelines for keeping their trades clean and their mentality fresh. They are prepared to take whatever punches or high-fives the market throws at them.  I want to give you ten rules, my ten commandments of trader discipline, which have helped me to become a consistently successful trader.  No one will squeeze your arm, but these are the pacts I have made with myself,…...

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Amol Gharte Amol Gharte is a graduate of Purdue University, where he studied Computer and Information Technology. He's been trading in various markets since 2008 and currently spends most of his time providing in-depth analysis to the Alpha Trades Discord community, where 125+ members tune in each day.