The Perfect Crypto Trading Strategy

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Bold? You get to decide, not financial advice. If you’ve been in the trading game for a while, you may have heard of “pivot points” and “VWAP.” The former sounds like the title for an incredibly lame college textbook, while the other could be a trendy new dance sequence.  I asked our analyst Amol if he would be willing to demonstrate a proper vee-whap, but he declined. While not as entertaining, we’ll have you staring at charts for a few extra hours a day in no time with this quick foray into two of our favorite technical indicators.  Definitions: Volume…...

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Amol Gharte Amol Gharte is a graduate of Purdue University, where he studied Computer and Information Technology. He's been trading in various markets since 2008 and currently spends most of his time providing in-depth analysis to the Alpha Trades Discord community, where 125+ members tune in each day.