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Tokenized securities were a disaster in 2018. Investors didn’t want them, regulators didn’t like them, and issuers used them to offer scammy small-caps. All of those things need to change before we can use a tokenized format for attractive securities offers. The SEC has admitted that tokenized securities are likely to become important. Currently, we use complicated organizations and mainframe systems to deliver financial products. If we can do the same thing with simple scripts, we can improve efficiency, innovation and risk-management. Maybe that’s why I’m getting a lot of new questions about tokenized securities. Exchanges are obsolete I get pitched that…...

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Andy Singleton Andy is a software architect, CEO/CTO, and student of innovation. He is currently working on HumanDB, a new architecture for delivering automated medical advice, and Unbundled Fund, a better investment structure for digital private markets. He is the founder of Assembla, a SaaS collaboration company, PowerSteering Software, an enterprise SaaS company, Creation Mechanics, an evolutionary algorithms company, and employee #2 at SNL Financial. He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard.