Why Fintech Industry Needs To Leverage Blockchain – 6 Uses Cases of Blockchain

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Blockchain is considered to be a revolutionary technology known for a decentralized database. Ever since it was introduced as the backing power behind the bitcoin cryptocurrency, it continued to be popular, and over a few years, it penetrated almost every industry. But it is still regarded as the most useful technology for the financial and banking sector. No wonder, fintech applications are the biggest beneficiaries of Blockchain technology. Here we are going to explain some of the most critical use cases of Blockchain for the fintech industry. But before that, let us spare a few words on the definition and…...

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Juned Ghanchi Juned Ghanchi is Cofounder and CMO of IndianAppDevelopers, an enthusiast tech entrepreneur that helps other tech startups in reducing development cost and enhancing their digital products tech vulnerability through his 10+ years of experience in the application design and development for mobile and software from scratch.