How to Build a Martian Economy

6 min read

Step aside science nerds, an economist needs to say something… To some, colonizing Mars is an exciting future to look forward to. It would be an exemplification of the human spirit and a mark of our achievements as a species. To others, the colonization of Mars is a pointless endeavor. It seems to offer little return on substantial costs, especially in the short term. Why not fix the problems here on Earth first? Can we justify such an onerous project while nearly one billion of our current planet’s inhabitants don’t even have enough to eat? Or while cancer and other…...

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Nitheesh Velayan I am a hardworking, motivated and ambitious young student interested in pursuing a career as an economist. My strengths are specifically within Mathematics, but I also excel at researching. I have lived and studied in the US, the UK, Ireland and India and am adaptable to different environments and capable of thriving independently, learning at a rapid pace with minimal guidance. Furthermore, I am also reliable and determined to succeed.