Nitty-Gritty Details Will Make (or Kill) Your Valuations. Here’s Why.

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Genius is in the details that other people skim.  Answer me honestly. When’s the last time you bothered to read beyond the first line of a Terms and Conditions agreement or take the time to pick over a product description before you schlepped a purchase to the cashier? If I had to guess, I’d say your answer probably falls somewhere in the range of “it’s been a few years” to “never.”  Don’t beat yourself up about it; most people would probably say the same. As humans, we have a terrible habit of making long-lasting decisions based on split-second judgments. Our…...

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David Reiss David Reiss is a dynamic entrepreneur, marketing consultant, business owner, writer, and teacher. His resume spans no less than two decades and 100 industries, encompassing roles in marketing, corporate leadership, academia, and entertainment — just to name a few. With a reputation for “Always Finding a Way,” Reiss is best known for applying his out-of-the-box thinking and often disruptive solutions to help countless businesses scale to success. He currently stands the CEO of the Mastery Group, a program dedicated to helping passionate entrepreneurs prevail over their project uncertainties, find answers to their most pressing business questions and achieve professional success.