Marketing’s New Dynamite: Korean Pop Group BTS Leads The Way

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When it comes to digital marketing and communication the eminently powerful guidelines are:  Engage & Involve. For all the right reasons. Consider 20th-century marketing and communication. When people wanted to buy whatever ware or service, TV commercials were in the lead to make the most visible brands in the advertisement blocks top-of-mind. Especially when the ads were humorous and/or revolved around an emphatic human touch: their overall ‘like-ability’ became key to convince people this-is-the-brand-for-me, this-is-the-brand-to-buy. It was properly schematized in the reputed AIDA-model. First: raise Awareness (A) Then: raise Interest (I). Then create Desire (D). That must culminate in the…...

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Carl Rohde Prof. Dr. Carl Rohde writes for DDI on the New Tech Forces and their cultural-sociological impact and meaning for contemporary and future culture and society. During the last ten years Rohde occupied professorate chairs in ‘Future Forecasting & Innovation’ in Shanghai, Barcelona and the Netherlands. Rohde also leads a virtual network of trend spotters and market researchers worldwide.