How to evaluate growth stocks like VCs

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Two and a half factors to assess growth investments.

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  • How hiring and people management is the true source of whether a tech business thrives
  • Why number-crunching alone never tells you the story


I always start by matching top-down technology advancements with bottom-up basic human needs and desires. I outlined this approach and depicted my current view on the two perspectives in my last article. My investments always need to significantly better serve a basic human need compared to the currently available solutions. My categories of basic human needs are health, wealth, status, freedom or short-term satisfaction. For the technological top-down perspective, the investments need to leverage technological progression that generates economical value within the next 3–5 years. My six themes for technological progress are energy storage, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, DNA sequencing or the web 3.0.


Let’s jump next to the microorganism of the investment. The two dimensions to consider here are the people and the product & it’s distribution. However, the first factor influences and therefore dominates the second by a mile. The company’s people are the determinant factor of who joins along their path, which problems in which way they tackle and how their products & it’s distribution look like. So let’s start with the people dimension.

Data and Information

The last bucket, or half bucket to be more precise, are numbers and data crunching. The reason why I see it as half a bucket, numbers and data crunching does not add any new dimension of fundamental first principle information to the analysis. It is just the tracking and feedback mechanism whether you are right on the analysis you did on market and the micro perspective of the business.

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