First Rule of Data: Don’t Talk About Data

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Fight Club knew the rules. Shame data doesn’t.  The easy way out is to point the finger at something you don’t understand. Data is usually that fall guy. We are repeatedly told that ‘data is the new oil’, ‘data is a strategic asset’ or other such clickbait headlines. The truth is data has always been a strategic asset; the rest of the world is now awakening to this fact. Consider this: What do you think accountants have been using to make decisions since the dawn of time? Don’t say beans. That’s too obvious. But even if you did, that is…...

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Brendan Ellis As the Head of Data at specialist lender Shawbrook Bank, Brendan leads the data vision & strategy across the business. Focusing on driving a data-enabled organisation, Brendan is passionate about delivering value to clients through data & innovation. Having previously established the International Analytics function at NBCUniversal and been responsible for Business Intelligence at Turner & Townsend, Brendan knows the power behind data. Brendan is a seasoned speaker, writer and podcast guest focusing on strategy & culture. He is a big believer in the challenging the status quo but in and out of work having completed endurance challenges (IRONMAN & Ride Across Britain) & established high performing cultures. Brendan is fascinated in digital transformation and how technology will continue to change the world.

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