10 Ways To ‘Uplive’ In Your Remote Office

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Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

1. Be Still

2. Choose Acceptance

3. Find Your Ying and Yang

4. Foster Deep Gratitude

5. Invest Differently

6. Seek New Content

7. Focus Inward

8. Continue Creating Structure

9. Think Macro, Act Micro

10. Capture Magnificent Moments


Remote Workers

Anyone can survive working remotely for 30 days. The real question is – can you work remotely for an entire career?

Ryan Fahey Hi, I am Ryan Fahey, a 3x Author, Business Owner, and Educator From Ottawa, Canada. I am most concerned about the same topic that I am equally passionate about - wellbeing. As a remote worker, I am deeply curious how we can continue to maintain our wellbeing in order to thrive in remote working environments.

2 Replies to “10 Ways To ‘Uplive’ In Your Remote Office”

  1. Interesting ideas here. I’d love to see some of them fleshed out more fully. I assume your book does that. I am particularly interested in “Think Macro, Act Micro.” Tiny choices can, indeed, make a big impact on the progress of life.

  2. The title really pulled me in. I’ve never heard the term “uplive” used before. I like the points about being still along with structure. It seems like everything in my life has gotten chaotic and I have a number of things I’m focusing on remotely but I’m so scattered I can’t seem to focus on any of them. So, it gets dark out, the day ends and I have gotten nothing done which is increasingly effecting my mood. The idea of being still for a few moments and creating better structure seem like options that could help me better focus. Thanks for the article.

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