You Won’t Believe The Science of a Starship Landing!

3 min read

Last December, Elon Musk the billionaire founder of SpaceX said that the company is planning on catching their new Super Heavy Booster in mid-flight during landing. His aim is to reduce the vehicle downtime between flights in the same way that passenger jets are serviced on the tarmac between flights.  The current plan is for an arm from the launch tower to reach out and grab the grid fins on the rocket while it hovers over the pad in mid-flight. Once the booster is captured in flight, the engines are extinguished and the booster is lowered onto the launch pad…....

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Dave Rauschenfels I began my career in manufacturing as a tech analyzing the origin of production problems. Then after ten years I realized that I was only investigating part of the problem. Today I am a freelance research analyst and ghostwriter for consulting companies. My work has also been published in Curious Droid and DisrupterDaily.