Be a Better Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs always look for the right recipe to increase the odds of success. Steve Blank was probably one of the “recipe” pioneers as he started the lean startup movement. Before the lean movement, I would argue that Geoffrey Moore’s book, Crossing the Chasm, published in 1991, was instrumental in trying to think differently about startups. Since then, we have created a lot of content, and startup founders have so much to choose from; books, blog posts, podcasts, and software tools are available to plan better and create better startups. Besides, an entire ecosystem has blossomed to support entrepreneurs, and countless accelerators…...

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Pierre Gaubil Pierre has spent 25 years in France and Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur. Pierre successfully co-founded three startups and one fund, CAST, Days of Wonder, Sensopia, and The Refiners Fund 1. CAST went public in 1998, Days of Wonder and Sensopia were each sold. A seasoned entrepreneur, Pierre has spent over 15 years in the U.S. and managed companies in nine different countries. His expertise lies in enterprise software, mobile application, publishing, startup early-stage investment. Pierre is also a passionate drummer and music lover.