When It Comes To Emotional Intelligence, AI Can’t Count To Five

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We all know the blessings that AI and its algorithms bring upon us. Spotting cancer cells somewhere inside your body: Leave it to AI. Making agriculture super productive: Leave it to AI. Fighting pollution: Leave it to AI. Making cities smooth and smart: Leave it to AI – this time in its Big Brother version. Helping us drive safely: Leave it to AI. (When one autonomous car learns how to recognize and avoid a runaway shopping trolley, all other networked cars will learn the same immediately. So probably, by 2050, humans will be banned from driving.) Also, on the negative…...

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Carl Rohde Prof. Dr. Carl Rohde writes for DDI on the New Tech Forces and their cultural-sociological impact and meaning for contemporary and future culture and society. During the last ten years Rohde occupied professorate chairs in ‘Future Forecasting & Innovation’ in Shanghai, Barcelona and the Netherlands. Rohde also leads scienceofthetime.com a virtual network of trend spotters and market researchers worldwide.