Inflationism: State-Sponsored Monopoly or the Economic Strategy

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Money is a fiscal unit that functions as a generally accepted medium of trade for transactional purposes. But that unit does not maintain its given value all the time. The money can lose its value more often than it gains. When it does, we lose our purchasing power. That is the product of inflation. Inflation is the deterioration in buying ability of a given currency over time. Using the phrase “time” is a cliche, merely because today, inflation is not only the product of time. Inflationism; the Heterodox Economy There are those who, in one way or another, support the iatrogenic…...

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Adam Tabriz, MD Dr. Adam Tabriz is an Executive level physician, writer, personalized healthcare system advocate, and entrepreneur with 15+ years of success performing surgery, treating patients, and creating innovative solutions for independent healthcare providers. He provides critically needed remote care access to underserved populations in the Healthcare Beyond Borders initiative. His mission is to create a highly effective business model that alleviates the economic and legislative burden of independent practitioners, empowers patients, and creates ease of access to medical services for everyone. He believes in Achieving performance excellence by leveraging medical expertise and modern-day technology.