The Age of The Millennial Investor: How The World of Investment is Set to be Influenced by a New Generation of Trader

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Covid-19 has carried with it a wide range of disruptive influences across countless industries. While there was an initial significant adverse impact on the investment landscape, it appears that the pandemic has accelerated a trend of younger investors arriving on the stock market. The days of institutional dominance of the stock market appear to be numbered, with more investing apps like Robinhood and Sofi bringing unprecedented access to markets for both millennial and Gen-Z investors. While digital investing platforms are nothing new, the likes of Robinhood have worked to create a compelling user-friendly interface where traditional broker firms have struggled…...

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Dmytro Spilka Dmytro is a tech and finance writer based in London. His work has been published in Nasdaq, Kiplinger, Financial Express, The Diplomat, IBM, Investment Week and FXStreet.