A Predictive Future: The Benefits Of Using Big Data In Your Marketing Strategy

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A data-driven future is just a step away for smart marketers. After 65% of leading executives linked the introduction of predictive analytics to a spike in ROI success in 2021, the next five years will see a sharp increase in the onboarding of big data solutions.  In a hypercompetitive e-commerce environment, enhanced consumer targeting and predictive forecasting have become essential ingredients for success. As we step into a techno-focussed era, accelerated by Covid-19’s digital shift, big data will play a strong role in a number of industries. From marketing and advertising to healthcare and financial services, data-driven approaches provide business…...

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Dmytro Spilka Dmytro is a tech and finance writer based in London. His work has been published in Nasdaq, Kiplinger, Financial Express, The Diplomat, IBM, Investment Week and FXStreet.