Why Internal Communications Tech Is the Secret to Small Business Growth

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Businesses that understand how to communicate with their external audiences deserve praise — and typically get it. However, those that excel in internal communication may be even more deserving. 

It may seem like communicating with customers is the most important thing, but how your internal team communicates is just as, if not more, important to prompt growth and longevity. If you don’t communicate well with your team, it has an impact. 33% of HR professionals cite poor communication as the most influential factor in negative company morale. 

Various internal communications tech tools can help streamline the process and enable seamless collaboration throughout your company. First, let’s analyze the importance of small business internal communications.

The Importance of Small Business Internal Communications 

Investing in technology to take your company to the next level is an intelligent business move, especially regarding internal communications. Companies prioritizing seamless communication across internal teams and departments are the most successful.

A focus on internal communications inspires interdepartmental communication. Smooth interdepartmental communication results in data accessibility, team trust, effective risk management, and fewer team conflicts. 

None of this is possible without integrated systems, like risk management software, to facilitate internal communications. Communication relies on cybersecurity to keep internal messages secure. Further, proper communication enhances cybersecurity by keeping everyone on the same page with tech best practices. 

When teams communicate well across departments, they can quickly complete projects and accomplish goals that drive the business forward. They’re harmonious and happy to work together, which streamlines the workflow. In addition, navigating business changes and recovering from challenges are much more manageable with good internal communication. 

All in all, companies must be transparent, communicative, and hungry for feedback to be successful. Internal communications and the technology used to facilitate it make this possible. 

Tech Options to Streamline SMB Internal Communications

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is trying to do it all themselves. Even if your team is small, being able to delegate and trust that things will get done to the highest quality is invaluable not just for your team’s productivity but for your business growth overall.   

However, your internal communications need to be on point. And that starts with implementing suitable tech tools. Here are the must-have tech tools to facilitate successful internal communication in your company.

An intranet

An intranet is a private network that securely shares company information and resources with employees. You can also house your team’s tech tools and software on this private connection. Your employees can access the site anywhere as long as they have internet access. 

An intranet acts as your team’s digital workplace where they can access everything they need to do their jobs. Collaboration and communication become much more straightforward when there’s one source of “truth” for your business.

You’ll need to install intranet software on your company’s network or pay a third party to host your intranet. Your choice depends on how tech-savvy you are and how much time you have to manage your intranet. 

A messaging tool 

Real-time communication is one of the most critical parts of any internal communications strategy. Your employees must be able to communicate quickly, especially if you have a distributed workforce. Real-time communication smooths out the process for project sign-offs, urgent answers to questions, and the sharing of pertinent information.

We’ve come a long way in the world of instant messaging. Along with sending private messages, group messaging is available. Your team can attach documents, images, and videos to their messages. 

Setting up a messaging tool is relatively easy. Research the many instant messaging tools and narrow your choices to your top one. Then, sign up for your platform, give access to your team, and start figuring out how you can best use the tool. You can also integrate other apps your team uses, such as project management software, with most messaging tools.

Project management software 

Everyone on your team is working on something. Some are working simultaneously on the same project, others on individual ones. Still, each team member needs to know who’s working on what and their personal responsibilities for each project.

Project management software is a crucial internal communications tech tool because you need to keep track of every project, the tasks within those projects, and who’s involved in completing them. That way, your team knows whom they’re working with and what they’re responsible for each day.

Go through signing up for access to your chosen project management software. Then, install it on your work computers and ask your employees to download the app on any work-related devices. Finally, get training on how to use the software effectively and start plugging in your projects.

An employee mobile app 

If your employees are always on their phones, you can provide access to workplace communications on these devices. An employee mobile app can ensure your team has access to all important company info in the palms of their hands. 

You can share information, link to resources, and even enable chat on an employee mobile app to encourage engagement, better communication, and teamwork. You can create an employee app from scratch. However, it’s probably more efficient and affordable to go through a third-party hosting service.


Internal communications tech is the secret to small business growth. It’s what facilitates successful communication across teams and departments in your business. Implement the right tools and set the standard among your team for meaningful internal communications.

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