Going Agile: It’s More Than Just Processes, It’s a Cultural Shift

4 min read

Lately, a client reached out to me to kickstart a rapid transformation in their company. They’ve made three previous attempts, all ending in disappointment. The stance is clear — they want to act immediately. Urgency does not scare me, but I never begin a change process until the client understands that the transformation is not just about restructuring their organization and revolutionizing processes; it’s a cultural and mindset shift. In practice, most aren’t ready to let go of what they’re used to. In forward-thinking companies, changing your outlook is where all transformations begin. First and foremost, you need to switch…...

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Oleksandr Buratynskyi I specialize in driving change, adaptiveness, and strengthening organizational resilience with over 11 years of international experience in Agile implementation, coaching, and strategic planning. My passion is integrating innovation into organizations and assisting change agents and business owners in navigating changes and achieving business development objectives.