I stay active on Twitter most of the week with posting content on Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies, Fintech, Technology & Markets etc. I share my blogs across different social media platforms but most of the other infographics on related subjects are only posted on my Twitter feed. And since not everyone uses Twitter, I have decided to share the most popular posts and/or content of value of the previous week as a blog. I hope this helps you with your learning of these subject areas. Feel free to provide your feedback. If you like what you see you can always follow me @fklivestolearn on Twitter.

Difference between AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & RPA:

Reading more increases your Mindfulness, Awareness & Productivity:

What are the factors that make Fintech so important:

Useful Tips for Online Marketing Success:

An overview of the Stablecoins Ecosystem: 

A basic guide about Cloud Computing & how it works: 

These are the traits of the Great Leaders:

Points to consider when trying to achieve Digital Transformation:

What are the 8 different types of AI you should know about:

Digging deep into the strange world of Particle: 

Influencer Marketing is going to be the next big thing: 

Comparison between Data Science & Design Thinking: 


What is RaspberryPi – A cheat sheet

Guide on what times should you post content to different social media platforms:

Edge Computing is the next phase in Digital Transformation:

How will different Industries transform by the use of AR/VR: 

5 Common misconceptions when designing a website: 

China’s reviving the Silk Road for global market dominance:

Different stages of development of a Startup: 

Apps that help you stay Organized, Focused & Productive:

Introducing some of the key concepts in Data Science & Machine Learning:

All about the Gene editing technology of CRISPR:

A step by step Executive’s guide to implementing a Blockchain strategy:

A comprehensive guide into Social Media Management tools:

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