China’s Daredevil: The suggestive art of algorithms.

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Do you have a highly suggestive personality? Inception, what a marvellous cinematic experience, many of us who watched it were left confused, intrigued, wondering if it was all a dream. One of the main takeaways that stays with me through this day, is the idea of “Post — Hypnotic Suggestion” — if you’re not familiar with the idea, or would like to learn more; I’ll leave a link here. This technique is employed by both Hypnotists and Magicians, but it has found its way into deeper AI Algorithms. Let’s test this out, Here’s what occurred today, if you are amongst…...

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Nabeel Tahir Nabeel is a research analyst and CEO of Honeycomb, a private investment consultation business, which is based out of both the U.A.E. and Pakistan. Previous he worked in the academic research field at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he completed his research doctorate in Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism.