What Causes Work Fatigue?

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Ever wondered why you feel so tired at work? At our desks we may feel distracted or unmotivated. Maybe we’re less organized than normal or we really can’t seem to wake up. Scientists aren’t really certain what causes work fatigue, but many of us have felt its effects at some point in our career.

In 1976, the average workweek for an American was 37.5 hours; today it’s 47.7 hours. For individuals reporting working more than 50 hours a week, 25% feel that their job impacts their overall health in a negative way, making work fatigue not necessarily only a work problem, but a life challenge as well. When we leave our symptoms of work fatigue ignored, our cycles of stress, emotional well-being, and physical health can take a hit. To combat this negativity, adding a little mindfulness and self-love into your day can go a long way.

As a common symptom in clinical depression, fatigue can feel like an uphill battle when both body and mind are exhausted. Take back control of your energy and get back to doing what you love both in and out of the office. This infographic details the impacts of work fatigue and what we can do to avoid it.


Brian Wallace Brian Wallace is the Founder and President of NowSourcing, a leading infographic design agency in Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH which works with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500s. Brian has been named a Google Small Business Advisor for 2016-present.

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