The Hidden Kryptonite That’s Killing Your Business

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Hidden Kryptonite

There are many things to worry about as a business. Employees, backend admin, day-to-day happenings, connecting with other companies in your space… oh, and I guess the clients. So when it comes to building your team, the last thing you want to have is an employee in any role performing poorly. But even worse than that? Someone in a leadership position who hinders anyone else from performing well, too. Meet: The Intermittent Micromanager We all think micromanagement is the worst thing to deal with when we’re working under someone. But on the flip side, you don’t want a boss who’s…...

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Allison Wojtowecz Allison is the creator of Flabs to Fitness, Inc., an online fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching platform and content creation firm for other health-oriented companies. She has a B.A. in Acting and a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin and still lives in Austin today. She uses both of her degrees professionally, building her company by day and performing Shakespeare and standup comedy by night. She enjoys studying mindset and its implications for human behavior...including investment decisions. In her "spare" time, she enjoys hunting, reading, and traveling.