Every supervisor, manager, president, and CEO dreams of being recognized as “The World’s Greatest Boss,” so what are its definitive qualities? A rare 6% of employees with great bosses lack passionate for their job, the remaining 94% say their boss contributes to their passion. On the other hand, only 59% of employees with a bad boss are passionate about their job. Even further, 14% of “on the clock” employee engagement is influenced by how employees rate their manager. Saying this, poor leadership is a direct cause for losing employees.

On a 10-point scale, 70% of employees consider their manager to be good, or great- but nearly 2 in 3 people resign from work, or have plans to, because of their boss. 18% of employees planning to leave their job within the next year have good bosses, 77% report poor leadership.

For the sake of business, and the loyalty and happiness of your team, being a leader instead of a manager can do wonders. 99% of great managers are even liked personally, and respected professionally, by their employees. Being a well-rounded person is more of a job than being a well-rounded boss is. Continue below to read how employees describe the qualities of good and bad bosses, and how to work toward achieving this status.



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